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« If you want to realize something extraordinary you first have to dream about it. Then, calmly wake up and go straight to the end of your dream without ever losing courage. »
Walt Disney

DYL (Define your life) is a new means of creating, of perceiving and of buying clothes for men, which breaks the conventions of fashion. DYL develops a product whose innovative concept is to create transformables clothes and accessories.

DYL is a label that connects men who have a feeling for style, personality, a long-lasting conscience and who are searching for freedom as well as the spirit of adventure. Apart from its technical nature and the search for absolute liberty, the brand focuses on movement, the search for something new in the spirit of the big traveler combined with the image of extreme sports.

DYL establishes a combination of styles between the offbeat aspects of street wear, sportswear, outdoor materials and a luxury prêt-à-porter finish.

The philosophy of the design integrates an innovative concept, a strong universe and an innovative style.