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The human being and the principle of a “Transformable” process lie at the core of our design research. The heart of our project is to create “Transformable” clothing and accessories, which simplify our everyday life and provide enjoyment, as well as protection and functionality.
We wish to foster a new relation to garments to free them from the sole functions of utility, image and gender, by allowing the individual to play with them to take on various new short-lived and reversible aesthetics. This research was undertaken over the last years through our research in design on the "Transformables" and our menswear collections.

The concept called “Transformable” is defined as follows: “A “Transfromable” is a bag, a piece of cloth or an accessory whose design allows it to be converted into another shape for a different use. The conversion must include at least two different designs and be reversible, to allow the converted piece to return to its original form. It brings comfort, functionality and simplicity to the user.”