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Edelweiss Magazine  (03.10.2014)

Superior Magazine  (10.12.2013)

Editorial: Clothes p.36 p.38 DYL - Photo Cyrill Matter Photography - Styling Yvonne Wigger - Hair and MakeUp Zakiya Jordan - Model Edvin Romanov at Ilovemodelsmanagement

Bolero   (01.12.2013)

DADI  (06.11.2013)

Bold Magazine  (01.07.2013)

Credit: Clothes: DYL - Define Your LIfe Photographer: Cyrill Matter Photography Styling: Yvonne Reichmuth Hair/MU: Toni Greenberg Model: Devon Usher @ Fullcircle Production support: 10-4 Africa

Experimenta Magazine  (28.02.2013)

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Vistelacalle  (28.12.2012)

Fucking Young!  (22.12.2012)

Presents for DYL arrived before the Christmas Day... "Fucking Young!" speak about us :-) MUCHAS GRACIAS! "DYL establishes a combination of styles between the offbeat aspects of street wear, sportswear, outdoor materials and a luxury prêt-à-porter finish. DYL (Define your life) is a new means of creating, of perceiving and of buying clothes for men, which breaks the conventions of fashion."

Not_Just_A_Label  (22.11.2012)

DYL is now on Not Just A Label and was to the 19 until the 25 November on the front covert! Yes Ridersssss.....

BLAASTYLE  (06.11.2012)

Edelweissmen  (24.10.2012)

NZZ  (21.10.2012)

DYL is proud to be quoted in the newspaper "NZZ" aJeroen van Rooijen's news! "Überraschend frisch auch neue Labels wie DYL (Define your life), Laend Phuengkit und RS Hader. Für die konzeptionellen Momente sorgten die Studenten der Genfer und Basler Modeschulen."

Showroom 19 October  (19.10.2012)

The brand launch took place at the Mode Suisse event in Zurich on Friday 19 October 2012. DYL unveiled its first collection – Eiger, fall winter 2013/14.
http://www.modesuisse.com/edition2-zh.html" target="_blank